Brushing our teeth is a relatively mindless part of the day. People usually don’t even notice how much toothpaste they are using. The CDC has recently released a study that children are prone to using too much toothpaste when brushing. Children and adults may need to be more careful.

What Are The Consequences Of Using Too Much Toothpaste?

Since most toothpaste contains fluoride, children who use more than recommended are at risk for a condition called dental fluorosis. This happens when fluoride interacts with other minerals which make up children’s still-growing teeth and change the ratios. When this happens, children’s…

Machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are picking up steam in most industries. Most businesses hardly understand the value that the two techs can bring to their organizations. Machine learning involves analyzing data to make it more meaningful in solving complex issues. As a result, it helps organizations elevate their businesses to greater heights through improved performance and scalability. Many people find themselves using ML without noticing, for example, during face recognition and email spamming. Let’s delve into the key benefits of machine learning that small businesses should maximize:

  1. Predicting customer behavior

Consumer behavior has become more complex, and…

Although it may seem insignificant compared to other body parts, such as the heart or lungs, the mouth is one of the best indications of an individual’s health.

The teeth and gums are heavily interconnected with other parts of the body, and as such, they can be used to determine non-mouth-related issues. Similarly, poor oral health can be a significant cause of seemingly unrelated health problems.

Health Connections

A lack of proper dental care can lead to periodontitis. The inflammation of the gums, as overgrowth of bacteria in the mouth, can damage oral tissue through their excretion of acids and…

The medical term for clenching, gnashing, or grinding the teeth is bruxism. This can happen overnight while sleeping or when a person is awake. When a person deals with continual or acute bruxism, it can have a negative impact on their health. Here are some consequences of prolonged, untreated bruxism.

An Overview Of Bruxism

This condition can occur at any time of day, whether the sufferer is awake or asleep. People may unconsciously clench their jaws throughout the day or grind their teeth during the night. …

Technology plays an essential role in virtually every industry, including the healthcare and personal security industries. Because technology advances at such an incredible pace, people who are adept with it can enjoy rewarding careers that never become stale or uninteresting. Here’s what people entering the tech field need to know about careers in technology to make smart decisions about their future career paths.

Computer Technology Careers Don’t Appeal to Everyone

While technology plays a critical role in our daily lives, not everyone is interested in it, and that’s fine. There are thousands of careers outside of tech that can be…

Good oral health makes your smile more attractive. Strong teeth and gums also make it possible to chew your food and get proper nutrition. While you may already know a few things about brushing your teeth, it always helps to know more ways that you can continue to improve your health by caring for your mouth.

Drink More Fluoridated Water

Fluoride was added to the public drinking supply years ago, and it still makes a difference for cavity prevention. You’ll also find that drinking more water helps to wash away plaque and food debris in your mouth so that your…

When it comes to dental care, far too many people believe that as long as they brush their teeth twice daily that they are all set. The concept of proper brushing techniques never even crosses their minds.

Unfortunately, brushing techniques do have an impact on overall oral health. There is such a thing as brushing too hard — and it is all too common. The good news is that there are some easy ways to tell if one is brushing too hard — and what to do if they are.

Harmful Effects of Brushing Too Hard

There are a few…

Every year technology brings the medical world to newer and better places. This includes the world of dental care, an all too often overlooked category when discussing technological advances.

New innovations allow for dramatic changes across the board, resulting in a more comfortable trip to the dentist. While this venture may never be fun for some, it is still refreshing knowing that so much work is going into patient care.

3D Printing

These days it isn’t unheard of for a household to own their own 3D printer. And yet, it may be a surprise to hear that 3D printing has already begun to make an impact on the way dentists work.

3D printed dental models are more accurate, faster to make, and easily accessible. While that may not sound…

Proper oral hygiene starts young, and it all begins with the lessons our parents instill in us. It’s essential for children to learn good oral hygiene habits as early as possible. Ideally, these habits will carry long into adulthood — and prevent problems down the line.

According to America’s Tooth Fairy, kids miss up to 51 million hours of class time every year due to dental issues. All of which directly points back to their oral hygiene habits. Naturally, both elements of this problem will have an impact on children’s futures.

Starting Care Early

Caring for your child’s teeth begins…

When COVID-19 hit, it changed the world as we know it. Humanity has worked hard to adapt to the changes and challenges it has brought with it, yet there will always be a lingering impact.

It’s essential to know how COVID-19 will impact healthcare technology. In 2020 and 2021, telemedicine had never been so big. Yet, it was the only practical and safe way for many patients to meet with their doctors. What else will the pandemic change?

Many people believe that telemedicine will become the new norm. It was effective during the pandemic and made it much easier for…

Dr. Christopher Zed

Dental healthcare expert Dr. Christopher Zed, of Vancouver, British Columbia, has been practicing dentistry for more than 30 years.

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