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Dr. Christopher Zed
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Due to the emergence of the global pandemic and the various regulations introduced, healthcare professionals have adjusted their practices to meet the needs of their patients.

As the industry prepares for the future, here is a list of the most significant technological changes that will affect the dental industry.

Smart Oral Tools

Smart toothbrushes have a sensor inside the head that can monitor the user’s brushing. It can also send information to a mobile app through Bluetooth. The commercial availability of smart toothbrushes can potentially improve patients’ oral hygiene. This could help them maintain their healthy habits and prevent them from experiencing issues.

3D Printing

3D Printing is a process that allows people to create objects out of plastic materials. Although it’s only recently been introduced in the dental industry, it’s expected to reach the surgical realm by the end of 2022. In addition to being used for surgical procedures, 3D Printing could also be used in the dental industry to create custom-fitted retainers and mouthguards.


Augmented reality is one of the most promising technological trends affecting the dental industry in 2022. In the dental industry, this technology is used to enhance the efficiency of office procedures by allowing patients to see detailed illustrations of their mouths. In addition, some dental offices have augmented reality capabilities that allow patients to get a more relaxing and comfortable experience while waiting for their procedures.


The term teledentistry is making its way into the mainstream. Through video or voice calls, patients can ask their healthcare professional questions or provide information about their oral health. This could help decrease the number of people unsure if they should be in the waiting room.

Oral Cameras

Doctors use intra-oral cameras, devices with a display screen and a camera unit, to take high-definition images of their patient’s teeth. Sometimes, it includes a pen camera attached to a secondary screen. With a tiny pen camera, a doctor can take a close-up view of a patient’s teeth and gum line without causing discomfort.

Regenerative Procedures

Regenerative treatment involves using biological materials to treat damaged or missing tissues, and patients can receive this treatment instead of having their tissues removed or replaced. Although regenerative therapy is still in its early stages of development, it’s already influencing the thinking of medical researchers and healthcare professionals about the future of the dental industry.

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